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Not enough hours in a day to get everything done? I can help

Not enough hours in a day to get everything done?

I can help.

I’m Azelle, a freelance writer for hire.

I’m Azelle, and the short version is: I’m a freelance B2B content writer for hire. 

But beyond that, I’m a content marketing strategist and copywriter with ten years of experience helping brands launch campaigns, create content, and generate leads.

My expertise, interest, and personal experience include: 

  • Web content and sales landing page development

  • Digital marketing strategy

  • Content strategy and writing

  • Social media management

  • Community engagement and training

Meta Certified Community Manager
HubSpot Academy Content Marketing Certified
HubSpot Academy Digital Marketing Certified
HubSpot Academy Email Marketing Certified

Types of clients I work with:

B2B and B2C startups and small and medium businesses across the globe—from Australia to Europe—that need marketing services for hire

Businesses from all industries, but I have the most interest and experience in B2B technology, education, sales, and digital marketing.

Clients who aren't confident in their writing proficiency and aren't afraid to admit that they need help.

Clients who wants someone who adds value, speaks her mind, may give unsolicited recommendations, and who doesn't just follows instructions blindly.

When you hire me as a B2B freelance strategist, writer, or social media manager, not only will you get someone who has solid know-how, but also:


A copywriter: I write with intention while keeping your target market in mind to gracefully nudge them to your objectives. That’s why I also don’t charge per word because copywriting is not just about the length, it's about persuasion and whatever length that takes.

Digital Marketer

A digital marketer: I have eight years of experience in B2C and B2B advertising and marketing space and have worked with some of the biggest names in the world. I see potentials and gaps from a profitability and marketability standpoint.

SEO Writer

An SEO writer: I’m familiar with SEO writing (in fact, it's the first writing niche I started with) and I put it in every digital content I write to save you the time of telling me to do so. Your on-page optimisation is important, and it starts with the content you publish.

Business Consultant

A business consultant: My entrepreneurial background combined with my master's degree in business aids me to work closely with you and help you develop your marketing funnel and lead generation tactics that maximises your marketing investment.

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