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Community management services to maintain
your online presence and connect with your audience

Connect with your audience right the first time and every time after that.

Community management service

Building a relationship with your audience shouldn’t be one-sided. Maintain a good relationship with your customers and potential clients by regularly responding to inquiries, amplifying brand love, and addressing negative feedback.

What you get from my community management services

When you hire me for my community management services, your brand can:

  • Engage and build a relationship with users who interact with your social media channels using your existing brand voice and FAQs

  • Monitor and find out potential problems, issues, and opportunities for your brand

  • Measure and provide recommendations for community management performance

Community management strategy and training

Strategy with how you communicate with your audience and how you operate based on those conversations is essential to maintaining a healthy relationship with your customers and prospects. You want to make sure you do it right the first time, so your first, and every impression lasts.

Community management strategy services

Engaging with your customers is a good way to build rapport with people who talk to and about your brand. It is also goldmine for valuable feedback to improve your brand and its products and services, with insights straight from the people who have purchased or decided not to purchase from you. You need to be able to engage with your audience correctly the first time so you can show you care and you listen.

What you get from my community management strategy services

When you hire me for my community strategy services, your brand can:

  • Receive a response management playbook that can act as your business’ community management playbook. This consists of your brand voice, customer journey, response management and escalation process, all tailor-fitted to your business

  • Receive recommendations on the best tools to use based on your current needs

  • Use a FAQs sheet tailored to your brand voice and messaging

Community management training

You may not have enough time to train your staff, but it’s essential to standardise the ways of working to avoid any speedbumps in the future that may cost your brand sales or credibility. Training your staff is critical to ensure that they’re communicating with your audience the way they should be.

What you get from my community management training services

When you hire me for my community management training services, your brand can:

  • Train your staff to engage with your customers the right way, every time

  • Have a training video file you can use over and over again when training new staff

  • Receive a leave-behind response management playbook that consists of your brand voice, customer journey, response management, and escalation process, and your choice of basic tool training how-to, all tailor-fitted to your business

Community management and training rates

My community management rates will vary depending on the final scope. Below are the starting rates for these services:


  • Community management

  • Community management strategy

  • Community management training

Starting Rate (USD)


$400 per business

$750 per business

Frequently Asked Questions about
my community management services

  • 1. What is included in your community management services?
    My community management services include monitoring your social media accounts, answering your customers’ inquiries and concerns, and providing engagement performance reports and analytics. You can combine this service with social media management, which includes content creation and post performance analytics.
  • 2. What is included in your community engagement strategy?
    The community engagement strategy will include your brand’s messaging strategy, response management framework, escalation process, and initial FAQs. I will tailor these strategies to your branding, tone of voice, and target audience to connect you with them using the language they speak.
  • 3. What is your experience in community management?
    I have previously led the community management arm of a well-known tech brand in-house. Prior to that, I have 4 years of agency experience overseeing the community management efforts of several local and regional brands with the majority falling in the F&B industry. Aside from team management and training, my responsibilities included creating operational playbooks, response and escalation strategies, crisis management, and identifying gaps and opportunities from all inbound engagement that the brand can address or leverage. All of which are essential in making sure your online presence and the way you communicate is right and consistent. I have experience using social media monitoring tools including CX Social, Sprout Social, and Zendesk.
  • 4. What is included in your community management training?
    My community management training includes the community engagement strategy mentioned above, 45 minutes of live video call training (which can be recorded) and Q&A for your in-house team members, and a leave-behind file that documents the whole framework and protocols to act as your business playbook.
  • 5. What are the types of businesses you work with?
    For my social media and community management services, I work with all types of B2B and B2C businesses, but my expertise and experience for this specific service lie in tech, digital marketing, design, F&B, and FMCG industries.
  • 6. Is there a guarantee of growth, engagement, or sales for your community management services?
    Like with any type of marketing effort, social media management and community engagement isn’t something that shows results overnight. But what I guarantee is to gather enough information through calibration to ensure that you get the best results.
  • 7. Do you offer discounts for 3, 6 or 12-month lock-ins for your community management services?
    Discounted rates are available for 6 and 12-month lock-ins. My marketing retainer services also come out more cost-effective if you need more than just community management.

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