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Looking for someone who can convert your audience, nurture your leads, or upsell to your customers?

Here’s where I can help you with:

Content Wordsmith Services
Content & Copywriting

B2B SEO Content and Copywriting

With over a decade of experience writing a variety of written formats for different industries, my expertise and greatest interests are in the four focuses below.

Read each description below to know if it's right for you!

Content strategy

Content strategy

You're focused on your business and need to drive your content in parallel to stay on track with your goals; Or you want to jumpstart data-driven content marketing early in the business. This can be focused on one channel alone or everything digital under the sun.

Content writing

Content writing

You have a steady content plan that yields results, but you don't have enough hours in the day to scale it; Or you want to create a consistent stream of valuable content for your audience. This can be a landing page, email drip campaign, whitepapers, or even infographics.

Blog reel

Blog Reel

You want to rank better in search engines and want your prospects and clients to get more value from you. This can be one blog post you need today or sustaining content to keep your visitors and customers engaged.

Social media content creation

Social media content creation

You have existing social media accounts and want to keep it updated to connect with your clients. This can either be four posts, forty, or six months worth of content— whichever fits your current needs.

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Whether it’s a social media content strategy, a few blog posts, content upgrades to generate leads, or a whole website revamp, hiring the B2B content writer who understands your audience saves you the money it takes to correct errors and deal with the headache from delays and subpar work. With me, you’ll never be the test client.


Price starts at
  • High-level marketing plan

  • Content strategy

  • Webpages & landing pages

  • Blog posts

  • eBooks and Whitepapers e

  • Social media content creation






All you need is writing that converts.  

Social media community engagement and training

Social media and community management 

Not enough hands to keep your social media accounts active and engaging? Aside from offering social media content creation, I can handle the management of your social media accounts—from replying to comments and accepting new members, to escalating notable feedback and identifying opportunities you need to know.

But having your own team who lives and breathes your business is probably in your pipeline, too. I can help you get started with your online presence by coming up with the strategy and testing it out, then training your in-house team to do it the right way the first time once your business is ready to expand.

Here's how to know if it's right for you:

Social media management

Social media management

You need someone to manage your social media accounts and build a good relationship with your clients. This can be from the ground up where you don’t have any online presence yet, or an effort to continuously build your own community.

Community engagement strategy and training

Community engagement strategy and training

You want to build an in-house social media team to manage your business but don't know where to start. This can be as simple as the strategy to get you started or a live video training with your new hires so they won’t need to guess what works and what doesn’t.


  • Social media management

  • Community management

  • Community engagement strategy and training

Price starts at



$750 per business

It’s time to level up how you do social.

Marketing retainer

Marketing retainer

Designed to support on-demand marketing initiatives that adapt and scale with your business needs.

Sometimes you need more than just one content calendar, blog post, or whitepaper. A steady stream of traffic for your business requires a stable flow of content. But you won’t need the same thing every single time.

Top up monthly credits* and gain flexibility in allocating its use to different marketing activities of your business month-on-month. 

This service is perfect for you if you:


  • have a consistent need for content

  • don’t have the time to onboard yet another person to fulfil your content needs

  • want to avoid briefing about branding, style guides, and tonality every single time

  • want to gain the added flexibility of different contents based on your current needs month on month

  • need the guarantee that someone familiar with your business can accommodate your needs every month

  • want to get the same quality at discounted rates

  • want to feel like you have an extended marketing arm for your business.


Price starts at
  • Marketing retainer

$45 per credit*

*Minimum of three (3) months at twenty (20) credits per month.

Retainer subscription allows rollover of unused credits only for the immediate succeeding month.

 Sustaining and scaling   doesn't need to cost an   arm and a leg. 

Content Marketing Starter Package

Launch your online presence with our content marketing starter package—minus all the work that comes with it.

This package is perfect for businesses that:

  • are not confident with how to start their content marketing plans.

  • need help with improving their online presence and content marketing efforts.

  • wants to revamp their brand or content marketing initiatives.

Not exactly what you need?

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